Posted by: Joe | January 17, 2009

5 Tips to Find the Right Plumber

istock_000003058984xsmallNone of us wants to think about hiring a plumber, but unfortunately, it is not always an option to not hire one.  However, if you are going to hire a plumber there are some steps you can take that will ensure you get the right plumber the first time!

1.  Ask about a license: Do not hire an unlicensed plumber, you are just asking for trouble!  All reputable plumbing contractors are properly licensed and fully prepared to show you the documentation to prove it.

2. Ask about experience: Imagine getting someone in your home to replace a leaking pipe behind a wall and discovering that the person there has no idea how to get to the pipe behind the wall with the least amount of damage?  Make sure you ask specifically what level of experience a plumber has on the job you need done.

3.  Estimates are important: Find out what the plumber figures it is going to cost you. While it is only an estimate, chances are that it will provide you with more information than if you did not request it at all.  A written estimate is your right as a client!

4.  Ask for References: It is pretty unusual that any plumber would not offer you customer testimonials and references. If a plumber is unwilling to offer you a reference, run, do not walk and find someone else. Make sure you actually speak to the reference (preferably someone who has had similar work done) and find out if they were happy with the quality, charges and professionalism.

5.  Costs: While it is typically true that the lowest priced plumber is not necessarily the plumber you want, you also do not want to run up the national debt having a leak repaired.  Make sure you ask your plumber up front about their fee schedule.

These five simple tips will help you decide on the right plumber for your repairs.  Do not leave your plumbing to inexperienced, untried plumbers; hire an expert in their field with the history and references to back them up.


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