Posted by: Joe | February 6, 2009

Before Calling a Contractor


If your heating system is routinely maintained, chances are that you will have to do little more than turn on the thermostat to get your entire home up to the right temperature to keep you and your family warm.

There are some things you can do before you call a heating contractor if your system fails to work properly.

1. Make sure it has power – You may have blown a fuse and this may be the reason that your system is not working properly.  Most fuses are easy repairs that can be done by you.

2.  Separate Switch – If your system has a separate switch, you should check and make sure that it is turned on.  If this was your problem, your furnace should bring your home up to temperature fairly quickly.

3  Reset Buttons – Simply resetting your furnace may start it back up again.  If you’re unsure how long it has been stopped, wait 30 minutes and see if the motor comes back on.  If it does not it is probably time to call a heating contractor.

4.  Fuel Source – For oil heat make sure that you have sufficient oil in your tank to reach your furnace.  Gas heater owners should make sure that not only is the gas turned on but that the pilot is lit as well.

5.  Thermostat – Try resetting your thermostat to a higher temperature. Normally 5 or 10 degrees increase in the current setting will be sufficient to determine if your system will come back on. Don’t forget to turn it back down once the system comes back on.

After you have taken these steps your furnace should be working. If not, it is time to call a heating specialist to come in and determine what the problem is.


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